Soaps by Sarva Soap Co.

Holistic Luxury… Pure Artisanal Pleasure

Sarva, Sanskrit for whole, celebrates the unity of mind, body, and soul.  I create products that nurture your skin and your spirit, always with a personal touch and connection to something deeper.

Sarva Soap Co. Media Appearances

  • Intelligent formulation for rich, creamy, gentle lather. Treat your skin to pure olive oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and more.
  • Experience and knowledge, handcrafted by a professional certified aromatherapist with over 15 years of experience.
  • Long-lasting hand-cut soaps, perfectly sized to nestle in your hand like a special treasure.
  • Aromatherapy-based, custom-blended essential oils that speak to the soul.
  • Nature’s own true colors; soaps are colored with spices, clays, and botanicals.
  • Old-world craftsmanship, lovingly handmade in small batches.
  • Beautiful artistic design; I am proud of Sarva’s nationally recognized, award-winning soaps.
  • Compassionate choices. Vegan and/or vegetarian friendly, palm oil-free, no endangered or unsustainable ingredients.
  • Completely biodegradable; what rinses down the drain won’t harm our environment.
  • Green and gift-worthy. Elegant, vintage-inspired, 100% postconsumer recycled/biodegradable packaging.

Why Natural Matters

Research shows that we respond to natural scents in measurable ways: the way we feel in body and spirit really can shift, leading to a greater sense of joy, well-being, and resiliency. Beyond the measurable, I believe nature speaks to the soul, providing peace and balance.

Small Business, Big Praise

Sarva Soap Co. in Body and Soul Magazine

Sarva Soap Co. is a one-woman business.  Your soaps are lovingly crafted by one single artisanal soapmaker, using an uncommon level of attention, skill, and care.

Sarva is among very few companies to provide a completely natural product, and I am grateful for the praise I’ve received for my use of strictly natural scents and colors to create artistic, decadent luxury soaps.

Since 2005, Sarva Soap Co. has received wide acclaim from loyal customers as well as local and national publications. My work has been featured in national media such as Natural Home Magazine, Prevention Magazine Online, and Fox News Online; in national ad campaigns for the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild; and in articles by New York Times contributors and mind-body experts.



What This Means for You

When you purchase Sarva soap, you can count on experiencing the same mindfulness and artisanal quality that fans of natural handmade luxury products love: beautiful eco-friendly vintage packaging, unique and inspiring custom essential oil blends, vegetarian- and vegan-friendly palm-free formulas, pure vegetable oils and botanicals, and the thrill of a silky, divinely scented aromatherapy bathing experience.

Please enjoy Sarva soap. I am proud to offer you beautiful, truly natural soaps to bring joy and meaning to one of life’s most ordinary moments.

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Michelle Gilbert, C.A.
Owner and Soapmaker
Sarva Soap Co.